About Dar Textile

Dar Textile is a subsidiary of VIP Group and was established in 2015. Since then, it has been engaged in manufacturing, designing, and exporting of Sports and Fitness Garments all around the globe, serving the sports world and renowned brands.

Dar Textile is utilizing the best of its abilities and contributing to the stream of innovation and rapidly advancing the sportswear world with the blend of modern qualifications, experience, observation, and exposure to the happenings in the global picture.

Dar Textile has an Intense focus on exports in markets including the US, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Dar Textile is also the exclusive production partner for a Hungary-based brand “Dart Frog Connection (DFC)”.

About DFC

DFC has been working in the international fashion industry for several years with a passion for creation. To create something, we need inspiration first. Since we were thinking about a sports brand, we wanted to start with a colorful, cheerful, yet unique motif. That’s how we finally decided to use the arrow frog. With its varied pattern and colorful appearance, it won our attention. Hence the name DART FROG CONNECTION.

At DFC, we believe every little step counts to improve our environment. In the years since we’ve noticed that the world around us has accelerated, new collections are coming to stores incessantly, and the range is growing. We don’t want to compete with big companies’ pace and price drop as cheapness comes at a price. It is important for us that our products are of the highest quality and that the manufacturing process is traceable and environmentally conscious.

The goal of the DFC team is to find and connect with more and more environmentally conscious, healthy people in the body and the soul. We want to build a network of relationships where people share ideas, and experiences and inspire each other’s lifestyles.

Company Overview

Work Force

A team of over 350 people is ready to handle your requirements.

Production Capacity

Capacity to produce 100,000+ garments per month.


150+ machines with advanced features all under one roof.


Commitment to providing high-quality, innovative products.


Occupational Health & Safety Management System in place.

What we do?

We are proud of our extensive selection of more than 500 innovative products that are available in a range of disciplines. Our in-house designers as well as outsourced designers from Europe help our clients design their next best product. As an OEM supplier, Custom product development is at the heart of our business. We offer you a complete design & manufacture service, creating entirely new and technologically advanced products that meet your exact needs and requirements.


Sampling Support


Graphic Support


Fabric & Trims Sourcing


Fitting Support


Quality Control

Our Technology

Our production facilities have state-of-the-art infrastructure. We are equipped with the latest technology and advanced machinery, which enables us to compete in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Whether you are looking for a manufacturing partner for a new product, a secondary supplier to provide additional capacity, or to switch from your existing manufacturer, we are ready to facilitate you.

Product Categories


Sports Bras



Meet Our Clients

We work with the world's top sports and fitness wear brands. Meet some of the partners we’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Featured Products

Have a look at some of our best products. Feel free to explore the complete product range.

Compliance & Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

We are fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015, which defines the specifications for quality.


Full compliance with Business Social Compliance Initiative

ISO 14001:2015

International Standard for Environmental Management System in place.


Compliance to Global Security Verification - Supply Chain Security

ISO 45001:2018

Compliance to Occupational Health and Safety Management System

SA 8000

Compliance to Social Accountability Management System.

Get in touch

For any further information or queries, feel free to contact us on the information given below.


Said Pur Gondal Road, Sialkot-51310, Pakistan




82-96, Country Pointe Circle, NY-11427, USA



Blaichacher Str.5 D-81476, München



1037. Budapest Táborhegyi u 31C MF 1/3, Hungary


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      ABOUT US

      Dar Textile is a subsidiary of VIP Group and was established in 2015. Dar Textile in one of the leading Sports and Fitness wear manufacturing and exporting company; supplying its products across the globe. It is serving the sports world and renowned brands, functioning with its third generation, who is utilizing the best of their abilities and contributing into stream of innovation and rapidly advancing sportswear world with the blend of modern qualifications, experience, observation and exposure to the happenings in global picture.

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