Sustainability Report


We fully understand our responsibilities towards the society and nature where we operate. We believe in an industrial system that delivers high value to its growing base of customers around the globe by efficient use of resources which requires sustainable manufacturing, supply chain design, sustainability performance measurement and management, and organizational change.


To improve the environmental conditions for people we prefer those characteristics which include products and services that conserve natural resources e.g., energy, and water.


Dar Textile is continuously reducing its Environmental Impacts by adopting sustainable practices e.g., the Use of recycled materials in manufacturing, the design of energy efficient, and less waste generating processes.


The Basic aim of Dar Textile is to minimize environmental impacts by aligning its targets with sustainable development goals and to minimize environmental impacts and bring environmental prosperity.


To improve the environmental conditions, we prefer those characteristics which manufacture products that conserve energy and water.


Dar Textile is continuously reducing the environmental impact through the use of energy management systems.

Green House Gases

Our target is to minimize the environmental impacts of manufacturing, transportation, and recycling or disposal of wastes & plantations of trees.

Green to Wear

DAR Textile has incorporated (GTW) Green to Wear 2.1 INDITEX sustainability standards in its work process.

Plastic Waste

Dar Textile aspires to achieve zero plastic waste by taking action across our business to use less plastic and recycle more.

Sustainable Materials

We buy premium quality raw materials from reliable companies. We ensure international quality standards when manufacturing our products.


Dar Textile is a subsidiary of VIP Group and was established in 2015. Dar Textile in one of the leading Sports and Fitness wear manufacturing and exporting company; supplying its products across the globe. It is serving the sports world and renowned brands, functioning with its third generation, who is utilizing the best of their abilities and contributing into stream of innovation and rapidly advancing sportswear world with the blend of modern qualifications, experience, observation and exposure to the happenings in global picture.

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