Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Dar Textile is a quality-conscious company that ensures TQM (Total Quality Management) technologies in all manufacturing processes. Each finished product is screened by our in-house quality control team before making it is made available to our customers. Dar Textile covers every aspect of production including development, design, raw material sourcing, overall manufacturing, and logistics on every level total quality management system.

Our Two Step Approch

Total Quality Management Techniques

1: Quality Planning

2: Quality Assurance

3: Quality Control

4: Quality Improvement

Our Principles of Quality Management

Engagement of people​

At Dar Textile we feel that it is vital to ensure that our team is motivated and engaged, not just in their day-to-day responsibilities, but also in the company as a whole.

Customer Focus

One of the most important principles of Dar Textile, we as a business wouldn’t exist without our customers. Therefore, Dar Textile strives to understand its current and future customers.

Strong Leadership

We at Dar Textile feel that our Leaders are responsible for creating a productive and progressive business environment and ensuring that future hires maintain that atmosphere.

Process Approach​

Dar Textile believes that a process-driven approach can help us to avoid problems that often stem from confusion over the right way to go about things.

Constant improvement

As the old saying goes, if you’re not going forwards, you’re going backward. We as a business are always pushing for improvements and trying to stay ahead of our competitors.

Evidence Based Decision Making

This principle ensures that effective decisions at Dar Textile are made based on reliable facts and rational analysis of data.

Relationship Management

Relationships between Dar Textile and our customers must be mutually beneficial to add value to both parties. We also react quickly and are flexible to customer demands.

Systematic Approach to Management

We follow a systematic approach by ensuring that team members are dedicating the right amount of attention to key tasks, this way we eliminate wasted time and make our business more efficient.


Dar Textile is a subsidiary of VIP Group and was established in 2015. Dar Textile in one of the leading Sports and Fitness wear manufacturing and exporting company; supplying its products across the globe. It is serving the sports world and renowned brands, functioning with its third generation, who is utilizing the best of their abilities and contributing into stream of innovation and rapidly advancing sportswear world with the blend of modern qualifications, experience, observation and exposure to the happenings in global picture.

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