Our Technology


Our Machinery

Dar Textile is equipped with high-tech and modern machinery options that are electronically controlled with high-effective feeds. These Machines include:

  • Chain Stitch Machine
  • Lock Stitch Machine
  • Flat Lock Machine
  • Overlock Machine


Fabric Technology

We use modern fabric and materials technology including the intelligent modification of clothes to produce a determined effect. Our materials include:

  • Imports from china
    • Knit and woven spandex, polyester, nylon
  • Locally sourced
    • Cotton, Spandex, Modal, Viscose


Fabric Testing Lab

Our fabric testing team checks the gauging product quality, assures regulatory compliance, and assesses the performance properties of the fabrics giving the reliable results we need to make an informed decision for our supply chain.



CAD/CAM software allows us to visualize our products and patterns in digital form first, before we finally go with the production process.


ERP System

We use the latest ERP system to track everything on our premises, providing us with Improved reporting tools with real-time figures, and an integrated database for all business processes.


Digitizing Machines

We use state-of-the-art digitizing machines to bring physical patterns into digital formats to go fully paperless.

Machines and Technology

Our production facilities have state-of-the-art infrastructure. We are equipped with the latest technology and advanced machinery, which enables us to compete in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

We also have special digitized pattern making machines which differentiate us from our competitors.


Dar Textile is a subsidiary of VIP Group and was established in 2015. Dar Textile in one of the leading Sports and Fitness wear manufacturing and exporting company; supplying its products across the globe. It is serving the sports world and renowned brands, functioning with its third generation, who is utilizing the best of their abilities and contributing into stream of innovation and rapidly advancing sportswear world with the blend of modern qualifications, experience, observation and exposure to the happenings in global picture.

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