Environmental Sustainability

VIP Group considers the environment, a supremely important aspect and feels directly responsible for its protection and preservation. The company makes regular investments in technology and infrastructure to ensure minimal impact on the environment and surroundings.


To improve the Environmental Conditions for people we prefer those characteristics which include products and services that conserve Natural Resources e.g., Energy, Water.


VIP is continuously reducing its Environmental Impacts by adopting sustainable practices e.g., Use of Recycled Materials in manufacturing, Design Energy Efficient, and Less Waste generating processes.


The Basic aim of VIP Group is to minimize Environmental Impacts by aligning its targets with Sustainable Development Goals and to minimize environmental impacts and bring Environmental Prosperity.

Water Saving

To improve the environmental conditions, we prefer those characteristics which manufacture products that conserve energy and water.

Energy Saving

VIP Group is continuously reducing the environmental impact through the use of an energy management system.

Green House Gases

Our target is to minimize the environmental impacts of manufacturing, transportation, and recycling or disposal of wastes & plantations of trees.

Renewable Energy

For better use of energy, the company’s HR department regularly communicates the implication of the energy management system to all management.

Sustainable Materials

While some materials provide numerous benefits in production flexibility. We try to use recycled and sustainable materials as much as possible.

Green to Wear

VIP Group incorporated (GTW) Green to Wear 2.1 INDITEX sustainability standards in its work process.

Waste Management

Chemical & Hazardous waste rules must be applied in the same manner across all workplaces.

Materials Sourcing

We buy premium quality raw materials from reliable companies. We ensure international quality standards when manufacturing our products.


VIP Group has been at the forefront of the Apparel and Manufacturing industry in Pakistan. The group today caters to different parts of the garment industry. Our Strategic Business Units manufacture and export Leather Garments, PU Garments, Leather Gloves, Motor Bike Suits and accessories, Textile Garments, and Sportswear.

Our Strategic Business Units

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