Research & Development

Research & Development

Research and development are of great importance in today’s leather business. VIP Skins understands that the level of competition in production processes & production methods is rapidly increasing, therefore, we have based our research and development on modern trends, and the desires of the customers to stay ahead of the competition.

We base our research and development on the following factors:



We believe that in the modern business world, customers must be the key focus of any business. We always invested heavily in the research and development of the requirements of our customers so that we can deliver them the best product with maximum satisfaction.



We develop leather by the latest trends in the markets so that our customers get a product which is by the current fashion. We also update our leather skins collection and colors regularly with the ongoing behavior of the market.



We are always trying to develop new materials with innovative properties that address the latest challenges faced in the leather industry.


Product Innovation

We believe in Innovation. Our High-tech research and innovation approach aims to deliver the best to our customers in a rapidly demanding market.


VIP Tannery was established in 2010 and became the foundation stone for the Garment Unit of the VIP Group. The tannery produces a wide range of leathers in all species Sheep, Lamb, Goat, and Cow & Buffalo. Finished leathers are shipped to the Garment Unit which in turn is used for manufacturing different leather product lines of the Garment Unit.

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