The Research and Development work is carried out by our engineers and designers for achieving growth and maintaining the relevance of our products in the market. The JAG products feature the best materials and components with the characteristics most focused on Motorbike Riders.


At JAG, we continue to evolve our product range through three rider-focused style collections. Each of these collections has been tailored with the highest level of detail and refinement by our passionate, small team of designers; developed to the riding requirements of each collection.

Through extensive research, testing, user feedback, and our unique expression of design, riders can head onto the open road with confidence and trust in the JAG brand, exploring the world on two wheels.


Providing more than just great designs, our development team integrates the highest quality of materials and components in every product. This ensures that you the rider, receive class-leading durability throughout. With all of these aspirational materials and components packed in every one of our products, the bang for the buck is astounding.

Striving for new and innovative ways to enhance your experience, JAG utilizes many third-party brand ingredients through licenses.


Integrating in-house research and development with external laboratory tests, we have successfully created high-performance safety products across our rider-focused collections. Our research and development teams are highly experienced and always ensure that whilst we assemble beautiful rider wear, the safety of riders underpins everything.

As part of this accreditation process, we partner with external labs that independently test each product to ensure they meet the rigorous conformity standards of the different regions, for example, EU CE and UKCA. 


We manufacture and export leather and textile motor-bike garments, gloves, and accessories under our registered brand name JAG. We have been serving the motor-bike industry for the last 25 years by making quality outfits for professional and amateur riders.

Our production unit is located in the city of Sialkot which is considered the manufacturing hub of Pakistan. Along with that, we have three foreign sales offices spanning Europe and the United States.

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