HR Policies

medical benefits Social Security Life insurance Gratuity
medical benefits Social Security Life insurance Gratuity

Medical & Social Security Policy

Employees shall be on probation for three months at the start of their job, which may be extended for a further three months, depending upon their performance. On successful completion of the probationary period, an employee shall become a permanent employee and shall be entitled to all legal benefits.

Bonus Policy

VIP Group has adopted a policy to fulfill all its legal and moral obligations to uplift the living standard of its employees. The amount of bonus provided could be one month’s basic salary for each employee at the end of every financial year. An employee who has served less than a year shall be awarded a bonus according to the months he /she has worked. The bonus shall be admissible to the employee if the company gets a profit.

Life Insurance Policy

It is the policy of VIP Group to provide group life insurance facilities to all employees. This facility shall start after the completion of a probation period of 3 months. In case of the death of any employee, the insurance company shall pay Rs.600,000 to the legal heirs of the employee. In case of the accidental death of any employee, the insurance company shall pay double of the above-mentioned amount. Premium will be paid by the company.

Increment & Up-gradation Policy

Annual increments shall be granted to the employees according to their date of joining each year. Increment eligibility will be determined on the performance evaluation, misconduct reports, and the recommendations of the concerned department.

Gratuity Policy

It is the policy of VIP Group that each employee is given a gratuity equivalent to one month’s salary (last drawn) for each completed service year at the end of his employment as per labor law. In case of the death of an employee, gratuity is given to his/her legal heirs

Interest Free Loan Policy

It is the Policy of VIP Group to facilitate its employees with interest-free loans. The loan is applied by the employees to the HR department in the prescribed format. The loan amount is decided on a case-to-case basis.


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