Employee Development

Employee Growth & Training

We at VIP Group believe that employees who can’t see a bright future with your company may end up unhappy, performing poorly, or leaving sooner than you expected.

Sitting down with employees to create their future growth plans can help motivate them. It can also boost their morale and give them hope for their future career.

Giving our employees the tools to succeed is one of the main pillars of employee satisfaction and engagement.

Offering paid career development training during work hours is a great way to do this. This way, our employees learn new skills without having to give up their time.

Career Development Training

CDTs are being organized regularly with the inclusion of rapidly evolving techniques to ensure our employees are well-equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure the effectiveness of internal training programs. Executive Members responsible to conduct training are all certified trainers.

Employee Growth Program

We provide a platform for customized training for all levels of staff based on the individual development plans of each employee and the organization's strategic needs. It offers a wide variety of capability-building programs from personal effectiveness to functional expertise.

Technical Training

We are investing in the growth of our employees through skill development, and making them more productive, engaged, and motivated. We have an in-house Training School for developing and enhancing the skills of our employees. They not only evolve as better professionals but also make the organization more competitive, globally.

Leadership Training

With the vision of continuous improvement philosophy, we are providing an open platform for well-designed, focused, and need-based in-house training programs. Learning sessions on different technical, managerial, and leadership skills are conducted by top professional trainers all year long.

Competency Based Training

To increase and achieve individual effectiveness, annual Training Need Assessments are being done. Competency-based training is planned on those needs and thus employees are being supported in achieving their career objectives. Competencies included in such programs cover a wide range of behavioral, analytical, interpersonal as well as intrapersonal skills.

Lean Training

VIP Group is empowering its team members by adopting true Lean philosophy. We are deploying Lean tools and training for our employees focused on increasing processes efficiency, cost, and waste reduction, redesigning processes in more efficient ways, etc. This training serves the purpose to learn different problem-solving tools and think out-of-the-box solutions.


VIP Group has been at the forefront of the Apparel and Manufacturing industry in Pakistan. The group today caters to different parts of the garment industry. Our Strategic Business Units manufacture and export Leather Garments, PU Garments, Leather Gloves, Motor Bike Suits and accessories, Textile Garments, and Sportswear.

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