Community Initiatives

Transforming lives and improving wellbeing

We are fully committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility and carry out various social service projects to help our community. Our welfare activities are performed by the “Imtiaz Ud Din Dar Foundation”, a social welfare foundation, which is serving the region for many years.

The long-term aim of IDF is to improve the economic conditions of fellow countrymen especially, in the region of Sialkot, to provide a flourishing environment for businesses, increase employment opportunities in the region, and as a result, improve the living conditions of the people.

Medical Camps

VIP Group regularly set-up free Medical Camps in rural areas with skilled doctors and provide free medicines.

Food Distribution

Free Ration (Food & Groceries) worth 10 million PKR is distributed every year in the month of Ramadan.

Marriage Welfare

Welfare on the marriages of poor & needy girls is arranged regularly.

Free Education

Providing less privileged students with an opportunity to gain free-of-cost education.

Sports Camps

At The VIP, we provide Free Cricket camps offering pro-level cricket facilities through our VIP Cricket Ground.

Blood Donation

To support blood donation for Thalassemia, hemophilia, and blood cancer patients, our employees enthusiastically participate in this initiative.

Highlights of Our Community Initiatives

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VIP Group has been at the forefront of the Apparel and Manufacturing industry in Pakistan. The group today caters to different parts of the garment industry. Our Strategic Business Units manufacture and export Leather Garments, PU Garments, Leather Gloves, Motor Bike Suits and accessories, Textile Garments, and Sportswear.

Our Strategic Business Units

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