Audit Reports

Monitoring Result - On Site. By: amfori

BSCI monitoring refers to social audits which are conducted by accredited experts at the premises of farms and factories supplying BSCI participants based on BSCI 2.0. BSCI audits check conditions at the farm or factory in 13 performance areas and provide an overall score by which companies get a picture of which areas in that supplier’s premises may need improvement.

SMETA – Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Report

A SMETA audit was conducted which included some or all of the Labour Standards, Health & Safety, Environment, and Business Ethics. The SMETA Best Practice Version 6.1 was applied.
The scope of workers included all types at the site e.g., direct employees, agency workers, workers employed by service providers, and workers provided by other contractors. Any deviations from the SMETA Methodology are stated (with reasons for deviation) in the SMETA Declaration.

Social & Labor Convergence - Gateway

SLCP compared over 21 different codes of Conduct and audit standards to create this question set. With the Data Collection Tool, SLCP collects the social and labor data that all standards and brands can use for their certification and compliance programs.


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